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Alarco Life
Alarco Gravity
Alarco Direct
Alarco Gravity
Alarco Direct

Alarco Life

Active Carbon


The Product

Alarco Life is a minimalistic, compact, countertop active carbon water filter.

It Treats

  • Turbidity & suspended solids such as mud, asbestos fibers, rust, etc.
  • Disinfectants such as chlorine, etc.
  • Organic compounds such as trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, VOCs, etc.


As the water runs through the device, it passes through four distinct filtration phases:

  • Polypropylene filter for 100 μm suspended solids
  • Bacteriostatic active carbon, 100% made from coconut bark, activated with steam for organic compounds, disinfectants and suspended solids
  • Polypropylene filter for 10 μm suspended solids
  • Polypropylene filter for 1 μm suspended solids

The installation process has been designed to be simple and seamless for our clients' convenience. The water filter is always placed on the counter and it can either be attached to the faucet using a diverter valve, which is included in the pagkaging, or connected through a switch on the counter to the cold water supply pipe under the sink.

Technical Specifications

Feature Application
Filtration Process
Active Carbon
Installation Types
The device is placed on the counter.
Installation Type A: The water filter is attached with a small tube to a 2-way diverter valve connected to the faucet.
Installation Type B: Connection through a switch on the counter to the cold water supply pipe under the sink.
Active Carbon Cartridge
Cartridge with granular bacteriostatic silver impregnated active carbon and 3 distinct polypropylene filters of 100, 10, and 1 μm respectively.
Lifetime: 6 months
1.1 L/min
Maximum Inlet Water
750 μS/cm
Requires Power

Logistical Details

Name Code Dimensions Weight Minimum Wholesale Order
Alarco Life Water Filter
38 cm × 16 cm × 16 cm
850 g
Alarco Life Active Carbon Cartridge
30 cm × 10cm × 10cm
500 g

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