We know EVERYTHING about water!

The goal of Studiolife is to provide solutions for clean water. We are a Greek company with our headquarters located in Kifissia, Attiki.

Alarco water filters have been circulating both in Greece and outside it since 1990, while they are designed and built in Greece by a specialized manufacturing team which has excellent manufacture knowledge and extended experience.

Studiolife never stops innovating. Our water filters have already accumulated 4 international patents. At the same time, we continue maintaining older and establishing new relationships with top academic and authority institutions related to water, submitting our products to high-scrutiny effectiveness tests.

Our absolute priority is our clients’ trust. Therefore, the solutions we provide are guaranteed to be the best out there for their specific needs while also being at low cost.

Our main principle is our strong belief and support of every family’s right to clean water.
Thus, it comes to no surprise that we are often called Water Experts.

Sales points


Alarco Gravity / Split
(1 patent)

Our new high-end reverse osmosis model which completes the effectiveness of reverse osmosis, since it automatically controls the concentrations of salts and particles using the Auto Quality Control system, creating clean water

Voice alerts and consumer protection flaps, in conjunction with the previously mentioned systems, develop a truly smart water filter.

Alarco Frigo
(2 patents)

Water filter and cooler, 2 in 1, which uses electric cooling and the Peltier method, thus cnsuming much less electric energy.

Also, the use of this technology is more eco-friendly, in contract to other devices which use Freon. The two patents relate to the design and function of the device.

Wave Energy
(1 patent)

A groundbreaking method for potable water manufacture at low energy and production cost using sea waves.

Basically, it is a simple device with no functioning cost, since it uses the energy that is generated by sea waves. The heart of the solution is a special float and a piston which are anchored at the bottom of the sea.

" We respect its family's right to clean water "

ALARCO Water Purifiers

Certifications and Tests

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